2020 On Purpose




Get Ready for Your Best Year Ever!

A year from now, one-fifth of the 21st Century and twenty-one years of the new millennia will have passed. By then, the most vital component that will determine your trajectory will be your ability to close the gap between what you know and what you do.

You’ve been called to a monumental journey. The 24/7/365 demands of the 21st Century require much more than “feel-good” motivation and hard work for success and achievement. The world is changing now at a pace that will not reward the inflexible person.

There are opportunities today that simply did not exists in the 20th Century. But with all the advancements has come a never-ending onslaught on your senses that can derail your ability to sustain focus on the things that get the results you desire and make a meaningful impact on the important people in your business and personal life.

Powerful Growth Teaching

To give you the greatest advantage to be the hero of your journey and enjoy a year lived on purpose, I am providing a valuable teaching on self-management that will help you better understand the mechanics of your mind and get very clear on how to overcome the obstacles to your goals. When you know how to work with your neurology (rather than against it as most do), you are more equipped to create the success you desire in your business and professional life, in your family and close relationships, and in your personal development.


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Trevor Jones
Trevor Jones
15:36 30 Aug 19
We have never used a third party leadership coach before Rick. After a few months I have seen the value his coaching... has given a couple of people on our leadership team.After speaking with several coaches, we chose Rick for his passion for helping others and his curiosity for knowledge.I highly recommend having a coach for your key people. You are get a great value proposition that will be worth the investment.read more
Alexandra Tarvin
Alexandra Tarvin
23:45 25 Aug 19
Rick has been instrumental in my personal and professional growth. Throughout our time in one-on-one leadership... coaching in addition to supplemental resources like the Conscious Entrepreneurs Class I've learned a lot about myself. He has become a true thinking partner and someone I trust with some large decisions. He is very caring and engaged with his clients and wants each of us to build our path with intention- not just find our path. My business has grown and taken big steps thanks to his ability to keep me focused and make quicker decisions. I can't say enough about Rick. He has so much on the horizon that he will continue to offer cutting edge information to his clients and those that are willing to learn from him.read more
Sean Hawkes
Sean Hawkes
23:11 20 Aug 19
Rick is an outstanding coach. His variety of methods and truly human relatability make the sessions a true joy. If... you are looking for a coach you need to go no future then Rick.read more
Chad Funk
Chad Funk
18:07 20 Aug 19
Rick is AMAZING! He helped me grow as a leader and as a person. It has been great to have a "neutral" ear as a mentor... for company business. Overall a fantastic experience. I would highly recommend Rick and Leaders Fuel!!!read more
Louis Redmond
Louis Redmond
02:24 07 Sep 18
I had great pleasure of participating in a mastermind group that Rick facilitated. The name of the course is 15... Invaluable Laws of Growth. I highly recommend this class to all ages. I wish I had taken the class many years ago. Rick is a super guy & very passionate about helping people grow in all aspects of life!read more
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