21 Days of Clarity




Reach New Levels of Clarity, Productivity, and Control

In today’s rapidly-changing culture, more people than ever before are engaged in an entrepreneurial dream. However, most new business owners fail to address the most important factor of business success. In fact, the statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that 80% of new businesses do not last for 5 years. Even more eye-opening is the fact that after 10 years, 70% of the remaining businesses fail outright. Much of this is preventable and lack of hard work is not the primary reason for these statistics.

Take the Lead

Every entrepreneurial endeavor rises or falls on leadership and the primary cause for the demise of entrepreneurial dreams is the low level of self-leadership of the business owner. Many entrepreneurs fail to close the gap between what they know and what they do. And it is no wonder that most entrepreneurs fail to address this common denominator of of success of every area of their lives. Many remain caught up in distractions that squelch their creativity. Instead of being involved in profitable activity. In fact, it is estimated that for most people 72-93% of daily activity comes from pre-conditioned reactions we call habit. Even seasoned and moderately successful entrepreneurs remain blocked from higher levels of success. Many entrepreneurs operate from daily routines that undermine and sabotage their success. They live unconsciously and actually spend much of their time mindlessly engaged in activities that block them from responding to people and environmental stimuli in a way that produces the most desirable results.

Get Primed for Success

The good news is that you were built with a goal-seeking success mechanism. It is the most precious resource of your entrepreneurial dreams. That success mechanism  is your mind. The greatest news is that you can clear this mechanism and re-calibrate it through intentional actions repeated over time. You are worth the effort. Your entrepreneurial dreams are too important to become a statistic. Your life is too valuable to be spent on auto-pilot. Why shouldn’t 2019 be your most successful year ever!

Here is an opportunity to get strategically positioned for growth. Join others in taking this 21 day-challenge. This is your chance to take new steps that move your life away from the “effect” end of the Law of Cause-and-Effect . This challenge is designed detoxify your success mechanism in a hyper-focused period intentional daily routines that will help you get out of your own way and be free to press into your creative purpose and apply your highest resource to the creation of prosperity.

Here is the Challenge

Set 1 Primary Goal and Follow 21 Days of Mindset Empowerment Teaching

Along the way, focus your mind by adopting these practices for clarity:

  1. Keep a Gratitude Journal
  2. Keep the first hour sacred. No phone in the bedroom and no phone for 1 hour after waking
  3. Spend the least amount of time necessary online. Get on. Post. Get off. – No mindless web surfing, TV watching, or Netflix binges, etc. Only check email, voicemail, text messages and social media twice per day.
  4. Finish each day with The Big 3 – recording your top 3 priority activities for tomorrow

Mindset Empowerment Topics

Day 1: Breaking Through The Terror Barrier

Day 2: The Inside Out Job of Success

Day 3: Gratitude – The Energy Multiplier

Day 4: Clear Your Success Mechanism

Day 5: Challenge Your Defaults

Day 6: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Day 7: Co-Creation

Day 8: The Law of Vibration and The Law of Gestation

Day 9: Four Agreements

Day 10: Law of Attraction

Day 11: Persistence

Day 12: An All-Consuming Burning Obsession

Day 13: A New Habit Hack

Day 14: Motivation and Expectation

Day 15: Additional Laws of Success

Day 16: Auto-Suggestion

Day 17: Six Intellectual Faculties

Day 18: Faith v Fear

Day 19: Imagination

Day 20: Decision

Day 21: Commitment to Growth


    • Your Online Gratitude and Big 3 Journal
    • 21 Checklist
    • Encouraging messages


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