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Response to Leadership Content

“Thank you, Rick! Well written!” – Ed B.

“I love your e-mails!!” – Ann S

“Dude, I like all of your writings, but this one was just downright powerful.  Thanks so much!” – Michael S

“Thanks for the e-mail Rick…It was right on the mark!” – Fraser L

“Oh, my goodness! What positive hope for a 73-year-old!” – Brenda P

“Your message came at a great time!” – Ryan F

“I love this! Keep moving forward is my mantra!” – Becky P

“I just read your email. I am tearing up now.” – Elaine H

“I want to thank you for your message it was really uplifting and just the kind of pick me up I have been needing.” – Michael S

“This was great!!” – Kate B

“You have been a great help in getting me to where I am today.” – Darren R

“Loved that one Rick, enjoying the messages!!!” – Curt P

“Awesome!  I’m starting a page of “quotes” from your messages that I can pull out for constant refreshers.  Thanks!” – Jody C

“I have been reading everything you have sent..your articles are so amazing and have great messages to them..they have things that relate to us and things you can learn from.” – Monika M

“You are knocking it out of the parks! Just to let you know, I used a significant block quote from your last email (great stuff by the way) with a link.” – Russell S

“Wow! I’ve got to read this again” – JC

“This is rich! I love it!”  – Veronica K

“Great story and teaching points!” – Michael B

“I have been receiving your messages. You are a gifted with writing that expresses your heart and engages the heart of the reader.” – Mike C