Own Your Face

This week I will be sharing a series of short emails on body language. I’ve been self-educating on the topic and trying to be more mindful of how I “carry” myself, especially since I have had ample opportunities for interacting with people I don’t yet know. I’m not promising to offer anything Earth-shattering, but I know you will find the reminders as interesting as I have.

There is a plethora of information out there (which makes me happy because I get a little geeked out on this stuff), but I will share just a few bits each day that are perhaps a little less obvious and quickly applied for more effective communication.

Today, The Face.

First this from ChangingMinds.org on being perceived as trustworthy.

“Hehman et al. (2015) found that the most trustworthy face is one where we have a slight smile, with the corners of the mouth turned up, and with eyebrows slightly raised. This shows us as being confident and friendly but without being anxious as to whether others like us in return (hence making us more desirable as a friend).”

In a very entertaining TEDTalk, Mark Bowden of TruthPlane explains that we have seven seconds to make a first impression and it is best if your smile forms slowly over a three-second period and is held for at least three seconds accompanied by the eyes squinted and the eyebrows raised. He also says that a smile without the eyes and eyebrows included is seen as insincere and untrustworthy.

For one more hint, when we are showing sympathy we hold our eyes in an extended gaze with our eyebrows slightly pulled together in middle or downwards at edges and our mouth turned down at corners with our head tilted to side.

Like I said, you know these things already but when we own our face we can consciously choose the expression that best helps us make connections with others.

(and with a sincere smile)

Rick Burris

PS – Need a boost of inspiration? Go HERE.

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