Where Are You Pitching Your Tent

Imagine if, this morning, you learned that for the next 30 days, sleeping indoors would not be an option available to you – anywhere. Do you own a tent?

Well, in this scenario you do. No place to sleep inside. However, you could take your tent to sleep outside in one of the following options.

You can pitch your tent in a traffic jam.

Your next option would be a parking lot.
You could take your tent to a scenic overlook.
Or, if you preferred, you could place your tent on a nature trail.

Any of these options sound appealing to you?
Hold on. Before you answer, remember, you’ve got 30 days with your tent. Don’t get hasty. You have three other choices.

You could set your tent up in the wilderness.
You could also pitch it on a mountaintop.

There would also be one final option available.

Because, I didn’t mention something about this 30-day scenario. Everyone that you know, and everyone that you meet, would also have the same 30 days of outdoor sleeping.
Therefore, your final option is to serve as a Sherpa Guide for others and help them select a spot for their tent. If you were a Sherpa Guide, it is safe to assume the one location to which you would be leading others.

Stick with the scenario. Look again at your options for the next 30 days of tent camping.

The Traffic Jam
The Parking Lot
The Scenic Overlook
The Nature Trail
The Wilderness
The Mountaintop
The Sherpa Guide

Where do you see yourself pitching your tent? 

What might be the benefits and drawbacks of each choice?

Let’s add a new wrinkle to the scenario and see if you change your mind about where your tent goes. Let’s say there was a reward program and, along with any other benefits that came with the location you choose, you get paid at the end of the 30 days based on your choice. Maybe something like this.

The Traffic Jam = $100/day
The Parking Lot = $200/day
The Scenic Overlook = $400/day
The Nature Trail = $800/day
The Wilderness = $1,600/day
The Mountaintop = $3,200/day
The Sherpa Guide = $6,400/day

Now how would you choose?

Would it surprise you to learn that out of 100 people,

40 would take the Traffic Jam
25 would take the Parking Lot
15 would take the Scenic Overlook
10 would take the Nature Trail
6 would take the Wilderness
3 would take the Mountaintop and only
1 would take the Sherpa Guide?

Of course, I am presenting a fictitious scenario. But the concerning part of the metaphor is that it mirrors reality quite closely. The major difference being that some have 30 days, some have 21 days, others 10 days and some only 3 days and none know how many days they have.

Through this exercise, I have introduced you to the 7 Levels of Life Leadership. In any given day, we may be visiting each of the 7 levels, but the place we choose to pitch our tent has a great deal to do with the results we get in this life and the next. It’s time you learned more about the 7 Levels. The course is free but avoiding it could be costly.

Claim your FREE access today.


Rick Burris

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