Who Loves You, Baby

I am borrowing a question for you to think into this week from one of my childhood hereos, Kojak.

“Who loves you, baby?”

Read it one more time.

Who loves you? 

Notice. I did not ask,

“How many people love you?”


I am asking “who”.

I want you to stop for 30 seconds right now and watch the faces of the people who love you pass by in your mind. I will wait quietly.

Did you see them? Could you say their names?

Last question for today.
When all the faces of the people who love you passed by your mind’s eye, was your face one of them?

You are worthy of your own love. There isn’t one more thing you need to be, do, or have, to be valuable enough to merit your own love. You deserve the best thoughts you can offer yourself today.


Rick Burris


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