I Do Declare

Today is a new day. It is new and there is nothing old about it. I want you to be encouraged today as I also want to be encouraged. Today, I am speaking into desperation and regret and talking back to it with you. I have some belief to loan you. This is what I declare.

Guilt gets no real estate in your mind today. I am serving Guilt an eviction notice right now so he can pack his bags and get the hell out immediately. Your old friend, Wonder is moving back in. Today you remember victory. Today you can see the magnificence of your life and the excellent choices you have made. You can see the solid building blocks of your hopeful future still firmly in place.

Regret has no place in you today. You let her go. She gets replaced with good memories and pleasant beginnings. Without her pulling you backwards your focus goes forward to what you really want. You are refreshed by the renewal of your energy and you will be surprised by how much of it you have left over at the end of the day. Instead of feeling exhausted at bedtime you will be excited for tomorrow.

Doubt has to go too – right this instant! Confidence has come back to stay and he doesn’t share the stage with doubt, ever! Confidence is pulling your chin up and your shoulders back and your quiet strength is calmly bringing Resolve to all the fiber of your being. You can feel it in the way you sit, in the way you stand, in the way you walk, and in the way you breathe.

Faith wins today and you are anxious for NOTHING! Everything you do is easier today. With the soul-suckers gone you are free to take delight in your day. Your smile is genuine today and people notice. You enjoy adding more value to others. Today you make great decisions. You do the things that make money first. You have no trouble arranging your day. Today you enjoy happiness with every person you encounter because you realize you are free to see the best in people and resolve conflicts quickly. There is no one to blame for anything.

You are unique and in all of time there will never be another person exactly like you. Today you go forth and lead with the best of who you are and it is attractive. You are a co-creator of your life. You choose outstanding thoughts and you take positive action because you know you can. Today is a new day it is a great day and you are making it a great day!


Rick Burris


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