Emotional Cheat Sheet

Floods, wars, politics, earthquakes, hurricanes, financial pressures, tests, deadlines, poor health, sudden loss, expected loss! You and I are going to need some help sorting all of this out. Besides knowing we are loved and not alone, now more than ever, we need emotional intelligence to come along with us as we head out the door for another week. Emotional literacy precedes emotional intelligence. So, I put together this emotional cheat sheet for your eminent emotional intelligence test.
There are five primary emotions from which all other emotions stem.
5 Core Emotions
1. Anger
2. Fear
3. Sadness
4. Joy
5. Sexual
Let the body lead you to emotional awareness.
Locating Emotions
1. Anger – Back, shoulders, neck, jaw, arms, hands
2. Fear – The belly
3. Sadness – Heart, Front of the throat, the eyes
4. Joy – Rising effervescent sensation in the core or up the spine
5. Sexual – Tingling in the erogenous zones, may spread throughout other body parts
Emotions = Energy In Motion
Emotions move through the body in waves with a rise, a crest, and then calm. They are physical sensations, neither good nor bad. All have low to high intensity gradations and combinations.
Repressing v Recycling v Releasing
Un-repressed emotions typically last 90 seconds at most. When we repress one emotion we can influence the flow of other emotions. It is like kinking the hose to stop the flow. Pressure builds up behind the kink. They either then spew out without control or they harden into a mood that can last for years. Anger hardens to bitterness. Fear hardens to anxiety; and sadness hardens to apathy.
Recycling emotions creates a cognitive/emotional loop. The mind plays the same song over and over again. We have the same thoughts and the same feelings. We take the same actions and we get the same consequences.
Feeling our emotions completely is locating them, breathing, and vocalizing them so they release all the way through.
Emotions exist to serve us, not control us. Emotional intelligence is allowing our emotions to flow without judging them. It is receiving the information they are meant to provide and letting it serve our good and the good of others.
Be angry and sin not. Speak the truth in love.


Rick Burris

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